rolls off of here to take a shower because suddenly really upset
idk if ill be back on tonight but ill get to replies eventually o: 


oh, yeah!
i was wondering why you two looked so familiar!

but, how are you, kanaya?  

Im Doing Quite Well Ive Just Been Spending My Time Reading Various Novels Lately Though So Nothing All That Exciting


its nice t0 speak with y0u as well i supp0se

h0w have y0u been

Its Nice To Know That The Feeling Is Mutual Then And Ive Been Well Although Nothing Noteworthy Has Happened As Of Late

How Have You Been


You’re 8r8king my heart here, Maryam. And here I was thinking you cared. Just kidding. I didn’t expect you to really miss me, even though with me gone there’s just much less gr8ness in your life.

I Was About To Apologize Too But Then I Realized That You Werent Being Serious About That So Never Mind

I Have A Very Hard Time Telling When Youre Serious Sometimes I Just Thought You Should Know So Perhaps You Can Work On That Or Maybe Not Since I Dont Really See You Taking My Advice Oh Well

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anexquisitevirgo started following you


hi there, and welcome! be prepared for tons of pic spam, mostly cute animals, food, pranks, movies, and music. :D

Ah Yes Hello There And Thank You For The Kind Welcome I Look Forward To Some Of Those Things I Guess

Id Prefer To Stay Away From The Pranks Though


yeah its been the same for me though schools been keeping me somewhat busy so i guess i cant complain all that much

Well Thats Very Nice To Hear Its Good To Keep Up On Your Education And Things Of The Such

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that’s really cool! i mean, just the idea of there being another vriska is too, but one that’s a guy? i really hope i get the chance to meet him sometime.

yeah, i can tell already that that’s going to be really hard to do. i hope that at least some alternate timelines have the same names or it’s going to be even more confusing.

yes, dave is my best friend! his last name is strider. do you know him in your timeline?

Well If You Wish To Meet Him Then You Most Likely Will I Mean The Chances Are Pretty High Seeing As You Already Met Me

Yes I Hope They Do As Well Or This Will Be Extremely Confusing And Difficult For Everyone Involved

And I Do Indeed Know A Strider In My Timeline Although Again Her Name Is Altered Slightly

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oh hey kan i got newws me an vrisan arent morails anymore just thought youd like to knoww


i cant explain it reely

i just


kan he hurt me a lot okay

reely reely bad

he made me cry an hes lucky ausiris wwas there because if he wwasnt an he didnt calm me dowwn vvris wwould be dead

thats howw bad it is

i cant forgivve that

fillin my ancestors shoes is wwhat i wwant to do and aspire to do the most an he flat out called me stupid an said i couldnt do it

itd be like me tellin you that youll nevver havve any fashion sense evver or wwhatevvers important to you

do you get it noww

Ah Ok Yes I Understand That Im Very Sorry If I Offended You With Anything I Said Or Implied I Was Only Trying To Help But It Seems That Ive Caused More Damage Than Ive Healed And I Am Truly Sorry For That And Even Though I Still Think You Might Be Overreacting I Will take Your Word For Everything Seeing As I Was Not There Myself To See The Event When It Occurred And Therefore My Word And Opinions Mean Very Little

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hehehe, my name is john!

and i’m okay, how are you.. uhm.. what’s your name? 

Oh Yes How Rude Of Myself For Not Introducung Myself My Name Is Kanaya Maryam I Believe You Might Be Familiar With My Female Counterpart Who Goes By The Same Name


Things are going gr8, as always. May8e it has 8een a while. I hope you didn’t miss me toooooooo much.

Thats Very Nice To Hear It Would Be Terrible If Things Hadnt Been Going Well For You Or Something Like That

I Cant Say I Really Missed You All That Much I Mean I Suppose I Did A Little But Not More Than Anyone Else Would Have

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